Our Mission:  Educate our clients & begin the work of digitally marketing their vision

We believe that White-Glove customer service and great client communication are essential in the digital space. We are dedicated to making the digital experience enjoyable for our clients. 

We execute our work keeping in mind these key values: *Be passionate *Be positive  *Be leaders  *Be honest

David Diaz - CTO

Simply Clear Marketing - Digital Mastermind
David Diaz is a founding owner & partner of 805 Loyal the digital advertising partner of the Tolosa Press.  David is a longtime local having grown up in Atascadero since 1972 and now lives in Nipomo with his family. He is a consummate entrepreneur who has worn many hats over the years from owning a Coffee Shop to creating his own Farmers Markets. He likes to spend time with his wife and 5 children (all girls), ride motorcycles, snow ski and play golf as much as possible.

Bret Colhouer - COO

Simply Clear Marketing

Bret Colhouer has been in the media industry for more than 10 years and is passionate about being a resource for the community. He started the Coast News in 2004 and bought the Bay News shortly after. Tolosa Press was founded by adding the SLO City News in 2007. He moved to San Luis Obispo 25 years ago immediately falling in love with the area, its people and the culture. He graduated from Cal Poly in 2001 with Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and a minor in Psychology. The beauty and uniqueness of the area is what brought him here but the sense of community and small town feel are what has kept him here. He enjoys life on the Central Coast with his wife of 10 years Lani and his 3 children, Cheyanne, Lily and Makena. As founder of Tolosa Press, he has learned to appreciate the intricacies of our small markets and cities on the Central Coast. He takes pride in knowing what and how small businesses need to market to local residents and what local residents want to read about.